We are looking for

  • Geek engineer

  • Product builder

  • Marketing maestro

  • Sales ninja

What we do

We're building a service that shows simple insights for small media and ecommerce businesses.

  • 30

    guys and girls in team

  • 1.9b

    daily events

  • 30m

    unique users

Your values

  • Simplicity

    Everyone can do complex stuff.
    Simple things are hard to build.

  • Efficiency

    Making today more than yesterday.
    It is the only thing that matters.

  • Technologies

    We research new technologies
    and use them to solve problems.

  • Analytics

    We love data and analysis.
    We use it everywhere.

  • Team

    We don't have titles and directors.
    We are a team.

  • Result

    Result is our one and only judge.


  • are eager for success

  • are open-minded

  • have track record

  • aren't afraid of responsibility

  • understand what result is

  • are a team player

Message us

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